Videos of the 3G iPhone Hype Machine

Since the new 3G iPhone came out last Friday (July 11th), twitter and just about every tech blog was buzzing about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new iPhone and hope to get one in a few months, but the coverage was getting out of hand. In the middle of all this iPhone hysteria were some pretty entertaining videos.

I have embedded both of them here in this post, so if you’re in a feed reader you will have to visit the site to see them. The first video is from the “Will it Blend?” viral marketing campaign for Blendtec blenders. Blendtec’s PR people really understand how to market online.

The second video is a live news broadcast, where an annoying reporter gets his ass handed to him on the air for making fun of iPhone fanboys (Fanboys 1, Reporters 0).

If you find any out of the ordinary iPhone coverage, let me know. If you are looking for real iPhone news then check out, a blog I freelance for.