By 2010, Hitachi plans to create a 5TB HD

Ever since the Macbook Air came out, everyone has been talking about how solid-state disks are the future. The hard drive specialists at Hitachi, located in Japan, think otherwise. They are continuing to push HD technology to the limits of storage capacity.

They have reported that they would like to see a 3.5-inch hard drive on the market that can hold 5TB by 2010. They say they can achieve this by tweaking the methods they already use for 1TB drives.

Hitachi says that when the drives come out in 2010, two of them will have the same storage capacity as the human brain. I never knew there was a 10TB drive in my head.

When I read things like this I start to think about all the information we are going to accumulate before we die. Since we will have 10TB of space, just think about how many videos, mp3s, and photos, we can save. Your hard drive will be like your own personal historian.

How cool will it be to see the life your ancestors lived, though their eyes and ears? Also, if that information was networked to the internet it would never stop affecting people. That means in a strange way, peoples ideas and lessons learned would be immortal. We will not just have the detailed history of famous (important) people, but the history of everyone.

People don’t realize it, but our history is now a multimedia experience. Gone are the days of stone tablets, parchment, and books; we now have video, sounds, and images. Future generations are going to know so much about the past that maybe then we will stop repeating it.

Alright I am done with the heavy thinking, now to get back to my bacon. I wonder what my future generations are going to think about my bacon addiction?