Arby’s Chicken Bacon and Swiss Sandwich: FAIL

A reliable source in the bacon community wanted me to tell you that the #14 at Arby’s is not a good representation of bacon. Before you run out to your local Arby’s to see what the #14 is I will tell you, it’s the Chicken Bacon and Swiss. His biggest complaint was about the bacon and sadly I had to agree with him.

For some reason fast food companies (not just Arby’s) fail when it comes to making bacon. They think that if they put a chewy piece of jerky on a sandwich and call it bacon, we will be happy. This is not that case. When a bacon lover wants bacon on a sandwich, they want pork belly cooked to crispy perfection.

A lot of people blame it on the microwave. They say that fast food places don’t have the equipment or the time to cook it fresh. I tell them that’s a poor excuse, since I have had microwaved bacon that tasted good and not like the crap they serve.

This is the last straw, I am no longer eating fast food bacon. If I see a fast food chain working to make their bacon better I may give it a try again. So if you feel your bacon us up to the challenge let me know and I will give it a taste test.

Remember you’re making bacon for people not dogs. Humans do not like bacon that taste and/or feels more like rawhide.