Wear your Bacon Pride on your Wrist

I got an email today form a friend of mine informing me about a crocheted bacon bracelet (or cuff for guys). It’s customizable too, when you order you can tell them what color button you would like. Also, if you have a large or small wrist you’re in luck, if you send them your measurements they will make it to fit. This homemade bacon gift sells for the very reasonable price of $6.50 USD each.

Here is a short list of other bacon products I found on Etsy:
Unsettlingly Real-Looking Felted Bacon Scarf – This is very expensive, but it looks so real I could eat it.
Premium Personal Bacon – I don’t understand what this product is. Is it a blanket for your hand?
Magical Magnetic Bacon Strip – Make your fridge happy and buy some bacon for it.
Lampwork Glass Focal Bead – if you’re making jewelry for a bacon lover this may come in handy.
Bacon Pin – Complete your summer style with this yummy looking bacon pin.
Bacon Greeting Card – This is great! Inside Greeting: ‘I’m achin’ for some bacon!’

There also needs to be more bacon in art like this:
Octopus Dog Art Print and Boston Terrier the Bacon Butcher Art Print

If I am out and I see you wearing something bacon related you will earn a free high-five. If I keep this promise next year at bacon fest, my hand is going to fall off.