Sony has a Dancing Egg


Sony used to rule the music playing world with it’s Walkman line, but ever since the iPod, it’s struggling to regain street-cred. An attempt to wow the masses is a dancing, blinking, and music playing egg, called the Rolly.

If you are looking to spice up your music listening experience, the $400 Rolly could be your new jamming buddy. You can upload two gigs of music and program the dance moves via PC. If you happen to have a Bluetooth-enabled gadget you can also send music to the Rolly wirelessly. Just like any other music player it has all the controls you need to enjoy your music; like volume, play, and stop (just to name a few).

What makes the Rolly standout form the pack is it rolls around on the floor and plays music out of the two little speakers that flip out of the side of it. I really dont understand the point of this. Is there really a market for an expensive music player that plays music poorly and moves around? My guess is people that have ADD or people that have kids would love this thing. It may also be a good time to program it to chase the cat while it plays Motorhead. But even with all that fun potential, $400 seems a little much.