Six games I obsessively play on my Nintendo Wii

Near the beginning of the year I finally got my greasy hands on a Nintendo Wii. So far I would say it’s been a fun and enjoyable investment. Since I am what they call a “casual gamer”, it was a match made in heaven. Here is a short list of the games I have been playing.

Wii Games:
Mario Galaxy – I am a big fan of Mario games and this is by far the best I have played on any of the Nintendo systems. It took me back to when I first played Mario 64 and was wowed by the 3D. This time Mario wowed me with is intuitive game play with the Wiimote.
Boom Blox – I read about this game in Wired Magazine when I was at the airport coming back from Philly. The very next week I ran out and bought it and have been happy with it ever since. It’s a great party game, since it takes seconds to learn how to play.
Smash Brothers – I don’t own this game but just about everyone I know does. Every time I play it, it’s a blast. If I ever see it cheap at Gamestop I will pick it up.

Virtual Console/Wii Ware:
Bubble Bobble (VC) – This is a classic that never gets old. When I need to mellow out this is the game I play. It’s best to play this game with a friend; since I hear that the last boss is impossible (I have yet to make it to the last level).
Dr. Mario RX – This game drives me crazy, but I still love it. If I feel like hating myself and yelling at the TV this is the game I play. It’s one of the most challenging Tetris clones ever made.
Toki Tori – I love a good puzzle game and after reading a few reviews I picked Toki Tori. So far it’s been an enjoyable game to play, but it’s not as challenging as I hoped it would be. But after playing Dr Mario for a few hours this is a good game to unwind to, since I can actually beat this game.

So those are the six Wii games I play the most. Let me know what yours are via comment or email.