Bacon should be sold in vending machines

Every day at work I make a trip to the vending machines. I rarely ever find anything I want since they mostly just have Snyder chips and candy bars. I am not a big fan of either of those.

If they could some how sell precooked strips of bacon in the vending machine, I would be a happy camper. Wait a minute, why don’t they do that? It wouldn’t be that big of a deal. If they can sell bacon in a can, they could sell it in some kind of packaging that didn’t need refrigeration. I would gladly spend $1.50 for a few rashers of bacon. Also if you have a sweet tooth they could also sell chocolate cover bacon.

After doing some research I found out this is not a new idea. There is a vending machine in Scotland that sells and dispenses Bacon Rolls. It works buy cooking the bacon with halogen lamps and the roll with microwaves. After putting in your money and waiting for 20 seconds you have a warm bacon snack.

Looks like I need to plan a trip to Scotland, they seem to give bacon the appreciation it deserves.