3G iPhone announced with lots of new features and Mobile Me

Today at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Steve Jobs announced the 3G iPhone. The launch date is set for July 11th with a retail price of $199 for the 8 gigabyte (currently $399) and $299 for the 16B gigabyte.

After my contract is up with Sprint, I plan on getting an iPhone. Since they are now a price I will consider paying. Also, I wonder if Apple plans to drop the price of the 8 gigabyte Touch, which is a $100 more than the 8 gigabyte iPhone (with 2/yr contract). Maybe in the July they will change, so I would wait if you’re planning to buy one.

With the launch of the new phone, Apple is also letting outside developers create applications for the iPhone and Touch. They will be able to sell or give them away through the Apple App Store. So now you will no longer have to jailbreak your phone to install your favorite apps. Techcrunch.com has put together a nice list of the upcoming startups working on apps.

Also, announced at the event was Mobile Me, a service that lets you sync your life. It’s basically an upgraded version of the now debunked .Mac with a slick web 2.0 interface. The release date is early July and will cost only $99 a year with 20 gigabytes of space. You will be able to sync emails, photos, contacts, calendars, and other information between your iPhone and different computers.

I really am excited about these new announcements. The iPhone is now in my price range. The new App Store will allow me not to sacrifice my enjoyment of apps (I use a handful on my Centro) when I get one. The new Mobile Me will help me keep my email and calendar in sync no matter where I update it.

Let me know what your favorite announcements are via comments. If you’re not a Mac fanboy, you can still let me know your thoughts on the new iPhone.