Web Comic Extravaganza


The world of web comics has recently been a reawakened obsession for me. It all started with the blog CrunchGear posting a funny Penny Arcade comic about twitter. I used to read this comic when I was in “college”. I couldn’t believe it was still around, so I stated reading it again.

A few days later Matt Gondek of Echoflip writes a post that just says “Garfield minus Garfield … Google It”. So I did and found the funniest comic I have seen in a long time. The creator takes the old Garfield comic and Photoshops Garfield out. The effect is a really funny comic about a lonely schizophrenic bachelor. Don’t worry, Jim Davis approves of the comic.

Then soon after I was done reading through the archives of G-G, Dan B emailed me a web comic gem. I guess the creator of “xkcd” is a fan of bacon. The latest comic shows his health in relation to when he figures out how to cook bacon. I really enjoy this strip, the jokes are smart and funny. I will have to admit a few of them were over my head, but all in all it’s a good time.

So that’s where the web comic obsession ends for now. I think once I get some more free time I will search the internet for more. If you know any good ones please share.