More Than 50 Ways to Use Bacon


The triple deadline week is now over so things should start to go back to normal. The first thing I did when I got some free time was check out my Google Analytics to see who has been linking my content. I was happy to see there was some new link love. I was worried that my traffic and incoming links would have gone down since I didn’t post in a while, but that was not the case.

While I was looking them over, one of the new links stood out to me. It was from a blog post called “50 Ways to Use Bacon” on I was hoping my bacon pants were one of the 50 ways.

As I was going through the list I saw a lot of familiar faces like Heather from Bacon Unwrapped and the blog Bacon Show (just to name a few). I was happy to see that my post on the Bacon Cupcake was #10 on the list. After reading the rest I felt there were a few uses of bacon missing.

Here are my additions to the list:

Promotional Tool – You can give bacon away free as a promotional tool like the Harris Grill in Pittsburgh does on Tuesday nights.

Life Saver – In the event of a heart attack the nitrates in bacon could save your life.

Getting Dates – If you read my post on Bacon pickup lines you will score some dates in no time. I swear Taco Bell is reading my blog. Did you see their latest commercial? I think their marketing department should give me a call.

Check out the rest of the list and see if you can find anything else they missed. That might be easier said than done since it is a pretty comprehensive list.