Does Tokyo Police Club Like Bacon


A year ago I found a internet radio site called Pandora and started finding new music. The first band that I found on the site was Tokyo Police Club an indie rock band with an addictive sound. After hearing just one song I was impressed and the next day I ran out an picked up there CD, A Lesson In Crime. I would describe the CD as a 16 minute long journey thought a world taken over by robots and a oppressive government. All the songs are fresh and a bit random and thats what make it so great. You almost feel that there creating the music for the first time ever, every time you play the CD.

The band is from Newmarket, Canada and consists of Dave Monks (Vocals, Bass), Josh Hook (Guitar, Percussion), Graham Wright (Keyboards, Vocals) and Greg Alsop (Drums, Percussion). They are currently one tour and are releasing their debut full length album entitled Elephant Shell sometime in May (some sites saying late April).

TPC is playing in Pittsburgh April, 10th at Mr. Smalls, and I am going to be interviewing them before the show. If they allow me to use my flip video camera I will post some video up next week. If you have any questions you would like me to ask them let me know ASAP. Sorry for giving you late notice but I just found out yesterday that I will be allowed to do this.