BLT Construction at Work


Since this month is National BLT month I have been making BTL wraps at work for lunch. I don’t like to precook my bacon the night before so I cook it fresh on the stovetop in the lunch room. It works out great for me but for everyone else its nerve racking. A lot of people love bacon and when you’re cooking they come around to steal a piece. Luckily I am a master at fork fencing (Note: I like to use a fork to flip my bacon). They usually back away as soon as I assume the traditional fencing stance.

If you would like to make one at your work here are the steps.

1. Make sure your lunch room has a stove top. If not just remember bring in your own electric griddle. (Every bacon lover should have one.)
2. Wait till around 1pm when most people are done with lunch. That way you have the chance to cook your bacon in peace.
3. Cook about 8 pieces of bacon for two wraps.
4. After the bacon is done, place it on paper towel to cool. Never leave your bacon when it’s at this point. This is when most of the bacon theft happens.
5. Get your fixings ready. I usually use one small tomato (I like tomatoes) and one handful of leafy greens for each wrap.
6. Toss everything in to a pita or tortilla.
7. Then eat and enjoy.

Cooking your lunch at work is fun and exciting. If you have stovetops at work use them. It really helps to break up a monotonous day.