Bacon On a Cupcake


L-Train from the Enjoy Bacon social network sent me an email today containing this tasty photo. It’s a photo of the Pancake and Syrup Cupcake. This is one of the featured flavors on Wednesday’s at Dozen Cupcakes located in Squirrel Hill (in Pittsburgh). The best part about this cupcake is that it comes with a tiny piece of bacon on top.

Not only did I get to see a photo of it today, I also got to try it. L-Train was nice enough to share one with me for my sampling pleasure. I would have to say it really does taste like a pancake and the maple icing really finishes it off nicely. The tiny piece of bacon was also maple flavored and cooked to perfection. So next time you find yourself with a sweet tooth on a Wednesday, stop into Dozen’s and try one (or a dozen).