Bacon is a Flickr Pro


Flickr has added a feature that made me want to pay for a pro account. Before, I saw no real reason to pay since I don’t do a lot of photography or upload a lot of it, but now they added video. So, having a clean (free of ads) place to post my short little video clips is worth the 24.95 a year.

With the new feature you can upload a 90 second video that is less then 150 MBs. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s enough for a short video snapshot. For example, my friend posted a video of everyone singing happy birthday at a party. Now a photo would have been ok but the video made the memory of that day a little more exciting. That’s the kind of stuff this new feature was meant for and 90 seconds is more then enough for that.

This is not a YouTube or replacement, it’s something different. Those services are for videos that are meant to be seen and entertain the masses. Flickr will be the home for all those random and short video clips people capture that are not meant for mass consumption.

So here is a quick recap of how I will use this video service. is the home for my polished and longer video content. Like the Bacon Eating Contest video. Flickr on the other hand will be for random clips that only I and maybe a few other people will enjoy. Like the video below, which I shot and uploaded via cell phone.

Let me know what you think about this new feature. I know that in the Flickr community there are mix feelings about it.