Bacon Cupcakes and Banning the Bacon Dog


When I was bogged down at work I asked you to send me emails and I am happy to report that a few of you actually did. Here are two that I would like to share with you. The first one is about Bacon Cupcakes and the second is about Bacon Dogs.

Brendan writes:
Thought you might like our search for the blogosphere’s best bacon cupcake in “Who Cooked it Better, Bacon Cupcakes”.

It seems that Bacon in cupcake form is the big craze right now. Yesterday I informed you that my post about the bacon topped cupcake was #10 on a list of 50 uses of bacon. Well this takes that to a new level, it’s actually talking about cupcakes with bacon as an ingredient.

The photos and the recipes look great. I will have to plan a weekend where I try to make at least one of them. I didn’t really have any luck with the bacon cheesecake since spring pans scare me. Also, I think cupcakes are an easier challenge to tackle.

Ezra wrote:
Ok Mosley, I think you’re going to love this one. A tale of Bacon with a libertarian (that’s with a small L) twist.

I never had a Bacon Dog and it looks like thanks to the LA Health Department I will not be able to get one from a street vendor. Stories about government stepping on the toes of businesses get me fired up. Lucky for you this is not the blog for such a discussion so I will save it for my podcast

Anyway, I think I might make a bacon dog at the next cookout I attend. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, a warm afternoon with a bacon dog and chilled summer ale. Now that’s a good cookout.