Zombies Love Bacon


If there was ever a Zombie attack I would be sure to protect my bacon. (pun intended) To train for that day I play the game Boxhead: The Zombie Wars.The graphics are simple but the game play is intense. You play a Boxhead survivor trying to fend off the Zombie hordes with hand guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers. To master this game you need to be able to rapidly mash your space bar, while you use the arrow keys to run around like a mad man.

Just like the last game I talked about this game is very addictive. I spent several hours playing this game in classic mode, then I found out there was a defense mode. In defense mode you have to construct a base with turrets and barricades. Then you don’t only have to kill Zombies, but you also have to maintain your base. You only have a few seconds in between waves so it gets a little crazy. I ended up enjoying defense mode more then classic. Let me know which one you like and what your highest score was.