The Ultimate Breadless BLT


LzRocks, owner of my favorite Bellevue shop “Your Mom’s”, sent me an email about one of the most amazing uses for bacon. A cup or bowl made out of woven bacon strips. The best part is you can fill with leafy greens and tomatoes, creating the ultimate breadless BLT.

Here are some more ideas for what you could fill the bacon cup with.

Ice Cream – I know there’s already bacon ice cream, but think about how great it would be to eat it out of a bacon bowl.

Thick Dips – If you can keep the bacon from shrinking, it could probably hold something like humus or spinch dip.

Shrimp – I think this could be a match made in bacon heaven. Throw a handful of shrimp in a bacon cup and top it with cocktail sauce, yum!

Steak Salad – Would this create the ultimate breadless bacon cheese burger? Someone will have to make it and see.

Eggs and Hash-Browns – Wow this sounds like a great breakfast for the bacon lover that’s on the go. Just grab a bacon breakfast cup and head out to work.

If you think of anymore fun things to fill the bacon cup with please share them via comments!