The Spicy Baconator is Extreme


The PR guy for Wendy’s emailed me a few days ago about their new burger, the Spicy Baconator. He also told me that he was sorry I wasn’t a bigger fan of the Original. He thinks that this one may tickle my fancy more. I will not have time to try one this week, but once I do I will let you know about it.

If you’re wondering what this new extreme bacon burger is all about here is the run down. Just like the first Baconator this one has six strips of (hopefully crispy) bacon on top of two hamburgers. What make it spicy is the addition of two slices of Pepper Jack cheese, chipotle ranch sauce, and jalapenos. Wow that’s a lot of hot.

It is available now through mid-April. If you have tried one of these spicy monsters let me know what you think about it. Since the fine people at Wendy’s read this blog, I am sure they will hear your screams of joy (or pain).