The Music Industry Will Never Get It


After reading an article today about Universal Music cozying up to Apple again, I feel the music industry is doomed to fail. What they want to do is sell iPods prefilled with music from Universal Music’s massive library. Then charge a subscription fee for unlimited access to the rest of their music. Also Universal wants a kick back for every iPod sold (Do they really think that their music is the reason I want an iPod?).

This kind of all the music you can listen to thing is not new; Rhapsody and Nabster have been doing it for awhile now. I have tried music services like this and didn’t like them. I found that the limitations (DRM) were too strict and I would rather spend my $14.99 a month on a new DRM free album from Amazon.

The music industry needs to understand, we don’t want to pay for music. That means they need to think of other ways to make revenue. Just look at what Radiohead and NIN are doing. They are giving away their music (or selling it very cheap) and are still making money.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see some big players in the music industry trying new things, but when they are in the wrong direction it makes me remember why they are struggling in the first place. Subscription fees and kick backs are not the answer. They need to learn how to add more value (and/or bacon) to their products, and then we will want to buy them.