Happy Irish Bacon Day


It’s really St. Patrick’s Day; I just made up Irish Bacon day. I was trying to come up with a good topic for today and then it hit me. Today would be a great day to talk about Irish bacon.

In Ireland and the UK they just call it bacon, but since Americans have their own bacon, in the States we call it Irish Bacon. Irish bacon is very similar to what we call Canadian bacon or back bacon. It is cut from the back meat of the pig and it’s cooked until done, not crispy. In contrast, American bacon comes from the pork belly and is usually cooked until crispy. So as you can see there are big differences between American and Irish bacon.

The differences between Canadian bacon and Irish bacon are small. They are so similar that some people substitute Canadian bacon for Irish bacon in recipes. The only major difference between the two is Irish Bacon has a layer of fat around the meat. Canadian bacon usually does not.

I am personally not a big fan of Irish or Canadian bacon. There are some instances where I enjoy it, but for breakfast or a burger give me American bacon and nothing else.

If you have any fun facts about Irish bacon feel free to share.