England, Stand by Your Ham


Typing “Bacon” in Google’s News search feature brings up all kinds of baconish news. Sometimes it’s about a person named Bacon and other times it’s about the tasty food. Today it digs up an article about pig farmers in England. They are under the threat of becoming extinct. With the rising cost of grain for the pigs it’s getting to expensive for the farmer to say in business.

The costs of pork products in England have gone up, but the farmers have yet to see any of that money. All they are asking for is their fair share so they can stay afloat. These farmers breed and care for their pigs in a free-roaming fashion, unlike a lot of US pig farms. The cost for raising pigs this way is higher but produces a better quality (in my opinion) bacon. If you check out the cause’s website pigsareworthit.com, you can learn about the situation and how they raise their pigs.

If you dig around on the website you will find an amusing song about pigs called “Stand by Your Ham”, it’s sung to the tune of “Stand by Your Man”. There is also a farm-aid style video for it too. So to all my England readers support your local pig farmers and they will keep you supplied with great tasting bacon.