Standards for Eating Dropped Bacon

Dropped Bacon

At work today after I heated up my pasta leftovers in the microwave I spilled them on the floor. It was a tragedy because I was hungry for the rest of the day. A bag of chips and some apple sauce just doesn’t cut it.

Anyway, while I was cleaning up my mess the thought crossed my mind, if this was bacon I would still eat it. So this got me thinking, what are my standards for eating bacon off the floor?

My standards for eating dropped bacon:
Tiled surfaces that look clean are safe to eat bacon off of.
Carpeted areas in people homes without pets are safe. Just remember to pick off any fuzz you may find. If they do have pets eat at your own risk.
Carpeted areas in public places are nasty so just leave your drop bacon behind and keep walking.
Pavement or Sidewalks are tricky, if it looks like a clean area and that’s enough for you then eat it. But I may have second thoughts because outside animals can urinate anywhere they want.
Grass or dirt is the worst place to drop bacon, but if there is a dog nearby you may make a new friend.

This is what I could come up with, but I bet there are more standards that I missed. If you think of any feel free to share them.

UPDATE: Matt Gondek from made a few place suggestions.
Dropped bacon in the tub – If its your tub eat it, if its someone else leave it.
Dropped bacon in a car (under the seat) – Would you eat a French fry you found under the seat?
Dropped bacon in a bowl of cereal – Eat up, you might just invented a new flavor of Lucky Charms.