YouTube Helps Me Buy a Flip Ultra

Flip Video Ultra

Ever since I started this blog I have been kicking around that idea of getting a camcorder. You know, to video tape my adventures with bacon. What stopped me in the past was price and size. I knew that if the camcorder was big I would never take in anywhere. So I have been waiting for a cheap small camcorder for a while.

A few months ago a friend of mind showed me his new Flip Video Camera. The flip is a small tapeless camcorder that you can plug directly in to your computer to edit the videos. I know that last sentence sounds confusing, but trust me when I say this little thing is amazing and it’s also fewer than 200 bucks. My wait for a small cheap camcorder was now over!

Before I buy anything I read as many reviews as I can about it, so Goggled “Flip Ultra Video Reviews”. After reading a few I came to the realization that this is indeed is a pretty decent product. But I still wasn’t stratified. You can never trust reviews because they could be writen by the companies that made the product. There had to be a better way to get real people views on the Flip.

Then I had an epiphany ( and yes I was eating bacon), check YouTube for video reviews. It’s a no brainer. I will see people’s reviews of it and also get to see the quality of the video it captures. I would have to say that most of the reviews are more entertaining and scary than informative. It always surprises me what people will upload for the world to see. But for the most part it helped me get a better idea if what the Flip could do.

In the end I decided that getting the Flip would be a good idea. I know there are some cons with it but the pros for me out way them. Once I buy one and use it for awhile, look for my own video review of it on YouTube.

Lastly, if you’re looking to buy something remember to check out YouTube. That way you get information about what real people think about the product and you will also be entertained.

You can buy the Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (White) from Amazon for $150.