Strange Things with Bacon


Here is a list of strange products I found that contain bacon. All the products listed are real and you can buy them at a store. There are some things that I did not put on this list because they were just people’s creations and were not commercially for sale. For example Chocolate Covered Bacon, Bacon Brownies, and Bacon Whiskey are not products for sale.

Strange Bacon Products:
Maple Bacon Coffee – This would be a great way to start the morning, without all the mess of cooking bacon. Bacon flavored coffee sounds amazing and strange at the same time.

Mo’s Bacon Bar – I just learned about this one yesterday and can’t wait to make a trip out to Whole Foods to pick one up. I bet it’s going to taste amazing!

Bacon Mints – I don’t know about you, but I think freshening your mouth with bacon is a bit strange.

Bacon Air Freshener – I love bacon but I think having my car smell like bacon would be strange, I would always be hungry for bacon.

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks – This sounds like a great idea, but I would always be tempted to eat the toothpick.

Bacon Beer – This brings my two favorite things together, bacon and beer. This is not that strange, I just wanted to put it on this list to tell the world about BACON BEER!

Bacon Water (Sadly for Dogs) – Man if this was for humans I bet everyone would be perfectly hydrated. Most people don’t drink water because they don’t like the taste (Does water have a taste?).

Bacon spray – This is the strangest one of all, a diet where you spray food flavored liquid in your mouth. I think this would just drive me crazy. Eating bacon is not just about the flavor it’s also about the crisp (or chewiness, if you like it that way).

If you ever find strange bacon themed or inspired products please let me know, thanks.