Steve, Where is the iBacon?


Today at Macworld Steve Jobs unveiled a few new treats for us. I am going to list the announcements I feel were important and give you my thoughts on them. Sadly, the iBacon was not mentioned, maybe next year.

Time Capsule (New Product) – It’s just an external hard drive with Wi-Fi. Don’t get me wrong this is a neat idea, but I think I will just stick with my cheaper USB Hard Drive.

Apple TV (Update) – Finally you don’t need to get up off the couch to buy a new movie on iTunes. The new Apple TV also has more storage. I am still not sure if this will help make this a product something people would actually want. I know I’m still not getting one.

iTunes Movie Rentals (Update) – You can now pay 3.99 to watch a new release or 2.99 for an old one. This is a nice idea and I bet Netflix is flinching a little.

Macbook Air (New Product) – This was the big announcement? It might just be me but I am not impressed with a thin laptop. One thing I do like about it though is that the track pad uses multi-touch. If you’ve used an iPod Touch you know what I am talking about.

There was also a new update to the iPhone and Touch. The only bad news is Apple is going to charge for new software for iPod Touch. I don’t know if I like that, but I bet this is something that will not last long. With them so easy to be hacked I can’t see people buying software for them.

Let me know your thoughts on the Macworld Keynote.