Drama at Macworld


There is a story floating around on the internet about Steve Job being mean. I guess what happened was a blogger girl asked for a picture and he rudely told her no. This is understandable if you think about how many people asked for his picture and tried to talk to him at Macworld.

Also if you read the story about how it went down, the girl walked up to him while he was messing with his phone, then tapped him on the arm. This interrupted him with whatever he was doing so he was upset. I would be too. If she would have waited till he was done, he would have been more likely to take the picture. The man was most likely getting bugged all day and she was the person he took it out on.

Just because someone is famous does not mean they are required to be nice to everyone all the time. They have the right to refuse to take a picture with you and be upset when you interrupt them. Yes I agree he could have been a little nicer about the whole thing but he’s a mean person. And that is something that has been known for a long time. So this is nothing new. It’s like walking up to a dog knowing that it’s a biter. Then when it bites you asking, “Why did it bit me”?

[Photo by : Ed Tarwinski]