50 Years of LEGO

LEGO Turns 50

Today is LEGO’s 50th Anniversary so I gave the Logo Man a tasty BLT. Check out Gizmodo.com to find an article about LEGO’s History. You will also find a neat graphic the shows you the LEGO Timeline. It’s amazing how this toy has stood the test of time. To this day kids are still playing with LEGO’s.

My favorite flavor of LEGO was LEGO Mindstorms, which is the LEGO set you can make robots with. It came with a little computer brain, and few touch and light sensors, and bunch of LEGO’s. I remember building bug-like robots that would run into walls and then back up and turn another direction. I felt like I was a god!

What was your favorite flavor of Lego’s and what did you build with them? Feel free to share via comment.