Your Checkbook Goes Web 2.0


If you’re thinking about buying QuickBooks for your personal accounting, don’t waste the money. I have found a website that does just about everything you want for personal banking management. The site is called and it’s a free online check registry. What I like the most about it is you don’t have to enter any of your personal bank information in it for it to work. Like a real check register all you have to do is enter a starting balance and keep up with your transactions. That’s it!

It has a lot of tools to help you manage your account, like a Chatbot that you can use to enter in transactions via instant messaging. Once you get the hang of it you can enter in all your transactions without having to log into the website. This saves you some time and makes it so easy you have no excuse not to be using it. You will find yourself saving more money and you should have no more surprise overdraft fees.

So before you waste your money on expensive accounting software or get charged more overdraft fees, check out