On a Road Trip, Pack Plenty of Bacon


On Friday I posted about a game I found that put a new twist on the classic Missile Command. Well today on Crunch Gear I read a story about someone putting a modern twist on the classic Oregon Trial. It’s nice to know I am not the only one that enjoys this kind of stuff.

The game is called Thule Trail and it’s about a road trip starting in the Windy City and ending in Santa Barbara. The reason your going on the road trip is to enjoy some kind of music festival. The game play is just like the original but everything updated to modern times. You don’t have a covered wagon you drive a car, you shop at mini marts, and you snowboard.

I have yet to play it all the way through, but from what I can see so far it’s enjoyable. I had one of the people in the car roll their arm in the window and I lost an hour on the trip. Someone else got dysentery from drinking too much creek water (Does this happen on road trips?). You can also enter a snowboard competition in the game to make some extra money. It’s really hard to control some if the mini games so be careful. You may lose time and money if you play them. That’s about as far as I got into the game. Once I get some more free time I plan on trying to play this game all the way though.

If you beat the game leave a comment with your score. That way when I get time I can try to beat it. Also if you have any funny road trip stories you can share them too.

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