The War between MySpace and Facebook


There seems to be this war between Facebook users and MySpace users. It’s not as violent as the Mac vs. PC war but people seem to get just as fired up about it. Here is a pro Facebook post from Tech Crunch that says the MySpace vs. Facebook decision is an IQ test. I tried to find a pro MySpace blog post but most of them were too poorly written to post. Most of them just said, “MySpace Rocks! Facebook is Lame”. I found this funny; maybe Tech Crunches post is true. Here is another MySpace rant called, I Hate MySpace.

I really wanted to pick a side in this war. But after reading an article about the comparison of the two, I figured out that the war just needs to end. There is a place for both MySpace and Facebook, you can figure it out by just thinking about what each one was created for. MySpace was originally created to promote bands. Facebook was originally created for a college directory. That means that you could use both in your life, Facebook for personal/directory stuff and MySpace for public/promoting stuff. So there is no need to hate one over the other, both have their strengths and weakness.

If you must know my opinion, I am not a fan of social networking, but I have a Facebook account. I thought it would be nice to keep track of friends. But after using it for a while, nothing useful has come from it. It’s time consuming and I personally don’t have a need for it. But this will soon change. Since I am trying to open an indie art store in February, I will need a MySpace to find and communicate with artists, since MySpace was made to promote. I am going to keep Facebook too, since I am hearing people are having some success promoting with its new pages system.

I feel this video from sums up this post nicely. [Play Video]

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