Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies


Over the weekend I got a few emails about a blogger that wrote about a delicious experiment in her kitchen. She added bacon bits in a chocolate chip cookie and topped with a maple cinnamon glaze and a bit of bacon.

She writes: Typically, I would never advocate the addition of meat to a sweet cookie, but I’ve always viewed bacon as “the candybar of meats” so I only felt slightly weird about it.

I have always thought of bacon as the candy of all meats, so I would have not felt weird at all. Also, I like how she tells meat haters not to complain about the bacon in the cookies and to just use fake bacon. Sometimes I feel that the Veggie Eaters think they are at war with us Bacon Lovers, and if that’s true it’s nice to know I have allies.

[Experiments with Delicious Bacon – Muffin]