Mr. Pickles at Sunset Beach

I was thinking about what I could post today and I got a funny idea to use Google image search to make a postcard. What I would do is search for two random nouns and a place. Then whatever appears on the first set of results I have to make a postcard out of.

The first noun I searched was “bacon” and I saved the first image. I then used “pickles” for my next search term and saved the first one that came up also. Lastly for the place I typed in “sunset beach” and saved the first usable looking picture which happened to be the fourth one. After my last search I opened up Photoshop and began to work. After about 5 minutes this is what I whipped up.

Mr Pickles at Sunset Beach

What would make this more fun is if people sent me search terms or links to images to use to make a postcard. If you do decide to do that, remember I need two nouns and one place.