Marvel Sticks Spider-Man on the Web

Marvel announced that it will start to offer an online subscription to its vast comic universe. It will be called Digital Comics Unlimited. They will offer about 250 comics for free, then to get access to the 2,500 plus comics it will cost $9.99. They will add 20 a week which will include new and vintage comics.


I don’t know if I am excited about this or not. I used to read comics a lot when I was younger but kind of grew out it. I do remember that I usually enjoyed the art more than the story. And that’s one thing I don’t know if the internet it’s going to show well. Monitors are known for not representing color correctly and that may take away from the art.

Since they are giving access to 250 for free, I will give it a try and see it my inner kid still likes comics.

[Marvel Pops Comics Online, Hopes Fans Pay – Reuters]