Facebook, Twitter, and Texting Kills E-mail

email.gifI was reading an article I found about the death of email and it really made me think about how I communicated. The first thing I did was check my inbox to see what kind of email I get. What I found was a few emails from listeners of Talk Objectivism, friends, and companies (not spam). Mail from various companies was definitely the most common. They were things like, your bill is due, thanks for your payment, and your order has shipped. It seemed that I communicated more with companies by email than friends.

The article said this was because I was using instant and text messages to communicate to them. Which is true, I would rather send a text message than an email. Emails sometimes take days to get a reply from but a text message gets a reply in about 2 seconds. I also use facebook and my blog to communicate with people. Every one of them seems faster than email.

So now that I think about it maybe E-mail is on its way out. But then again how would the companies that send me bills via E-mail communicate with me? Would they have to have a facebook account? Also, sites like facebook and twitter require an email address, too. So then again maybe email is going to stick around for a little while longer.

[The Death of E-Mail – Slate]