The Only True Indie Band

Radiohead BandRadiohead is one of the only “truly” indie bands. I can say this since they have no ties to any label and they are known for doing their own thing. I have never been a big fan of this band, but I am a fan of what they’re planing to do. They are going to sell their new CD, out October 10, for whatever price you want.That’s right, you get to name your own price. If you think it’s only worth $2 you pay $2. If you’re a big fan feel its worth $20 you pay $20.

I think this is a great idea. Tthink about it, it’s no different than a guy playing guitar on the street with at tip hat. When you pass by you pay him as much as you feel his entertainment is worth. If it can work for bums then it can work for bands.

I will be buying this album not to support the band, but to support the idea. I know this method would not work well for all bands, but I don’t think many have tried it. I feel this is good start for trying to figure out how bands can make money in an outdated music industry. And you never know, Radiohead might become my new favorite band.

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