The New Mac OSX Leopard has Gone Gold!

Next week October 26, 2007 Apple will release a leopard on to the world with over 300 new features. It will cost only $129 for the single user license. Check out this link to see a list of all the hot new features and innovations. A few of them I really don’t care about, but there are some I can’t wait for.


Photo Booth can now shoot videos. With the popularity of video blogging this might be helpful for newbie’s to get started. YouTube is going to be flooded with Britney Rant videos.
You can now Stack your files. This is going to be interesting to see in actions, but the ideas sounds amazing.
Boot Camp is going to come with it so now everyone will be able to duel both the Macs. I still don’t think I would want to do this. The reason I got a Mac was so I wouldn’t have to deal with Windows.
Quick Look is going to be fun to use. You can browse through your files and see previews of them without even opening them. I hope this runs smooth and doesn’t lag up like Front Row does sometimes.
The last thing I can’t wait for is Time Machine; it’s a program that backs up your Mac so if you trash something you can resurrect it back from the grave. I would need to see this in action before I can say if I will use it or not.

I am sure once I get the new OS (if I can afford $129) that there will be even more features that I’m going to realize I can’t live without. But this is all I have at the moment. I might have to wait to after the holidays before I get new OSX. This might be a good idea anyway, since I am sure there are going to be a few bugs that will need to be killed. It seems Apple always has to patch their product as soon as they come out, but once patched they’re amazingly stable.