Online Only Adobe in Ten Years

adobe.jpgAt the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Bruce Chizen the Adobe Chief Executive answered few questions about their new web endeavors. I feel the questions were brought up because Adobe recently acquired Buzzword, an online word processor. They are also planning to release web versions of Photoshop and Premier. Chizen said that the transition will take 10 years to complete.

This seems to be the growing trend with software companies, but none of them can figure out how to make money. Some say that they’re going to use ad revenue and others will charge a monthly fee. I am not sure how I feel about using an online only application to do work. What if I don’t have internet, or what if my service provider bottle necks? These are things that I can’t control, but when I run software on my own machine I have a greater control over it working or not.

I think the desktop app is going to stay around a lot longer the then ten years. I do like that there will be online version of the desktop apps, which would mean I could use Photoshop on any computer. I think the direction it should go is you have online and desktop versions that sync together. That way when you are in the office or at home you can use it locally. Then when you’re at an airport and the boss says, “Make the logo bigger”, you can fire up your laptop and open the online version and edit it. That would streamline how people do business.

[You can read more about this story at Reuters.]