Music and Bacon: Things I Can Not Live Without

Every payday (15th and 30th) I am going to start doing a blog recap. I will pick out three posts that happened in the past two weeks and also one that happened last month. I will also dig deep into the archives and pull out an oldie but goodie. I think this will be a good way to bring some more attention to posts I write that get lost in the sea of updates.

Three posts that posted in the last two weeks:
Bacon Chicken Cheese Wrap – This is a recipe I created using bacon, chicken and cheese. If you haven’t tried it yet you’re missing out. It’s about the easiest thing to make.

Websites I Can Not Live Without – This is a list of the websites I use just about every day. If I were to make this list again I would have to add Facebook and

The Only True Indie Band – This has been a big month in music so far. Radiohead was the first big act to drop their label, then more quickly followed.

A post from last month:
eMusic and Amazon: A Match Made in Heaven – With all these bands dropping their labels I hope we start seeing more DRM free music. In the meantime I will stick with eMusic and Amazon Mp3.

An oldie but goodie:
Top Five CDs in my Car – This was a fun post to write and it was one the first posts that got more than two comments. Also feel free to leave a comment to share the 5 CDs that you listen to in your car.

Well that’s it for this recap, look for the next one on the 30th.