Hackers Install OS X Leopard on a PC

osxonpc2.jpgThat’s right! The New Mac OS has only been out for a few days and its already hacked so it can be installed on almost any computer. If you read this post it will tell you how you can do it in three steps.

I don’t understand why Apple wouldn’t release their OS to everyone on a PC or Mac system. If they did do it, just think how fast Apple would take over the market. The main reason people switch is because of the great operation system. Don’t get me wrong, the hardware is great too but that is just part of it.

But maybe I just answered my own question. The main reason Apple wouldn’t release it to all PCs is because they make more money off of people also buying the hardware too, not just the OS. Or, would they make more money selling the OS to Mac and PC users? I am sure they have their reasons but in the meantime it’s nice to know if you really wanted to, you could install OS X on that crappy Dell you have sitting around.