Nine Things That Might Be Weird with Bacon

I while back I wrote a post called, “Nine Things That Are Better with Bacon”. Well, I decided that it might be fun to do the opposite. Please note that I had to add “might” to the title because I don’t know for a fact if this stuff would be weird with bacon. I have yet to try any of it. You never know, maybe some of this stuff will have to be added to my Better with Bacon post.

1.) Jell-O – I have had fruit and carrots in Jell-O, but never bacon. I don’t think it would taste all that good, but then again, maybe with the orange flavored Jell-O it would taste like breakfast.
2.) Ice Cream – It may have the same effect nuts have on a sundae, but mixing pig and ice cream kind of freaks me out.
3.) Biking – People eat Clif Bars while riding their bikes, but something tells me that munching on some greasy bacon would not be pleasant.
4.) Work – You would think bacon would make work better, but it depends who you are. If you’re the person eating it, then yes it does make work better. If you’re the person not eating it and just smelling it, then it will be a long day.
5.) Laundry – Doing laundry with greasy hands is a disaster. Trust me when I say grease stains never come out.
6.) Sleeping – I have never been able to sleep with the smell of bacon lingering in the air.
7.) Self Defense – Trying to stop a mugger with a crispy bacon strip usually ends with bacon crumbs and you losing your wallet.
8.) Dressing Up – It never fails when you’re cooking bacon and wearing a nice shirt, the shirt gets ruined. I always cook my bacon wearing a white t-shirt.
9.) Vegetarians – I find that if you bring bacon around these people they get moody and unpleasant. I think it’s because deep down they wish bacon was a vegetable.

If you can think of anything else that is weird with bacon, leave a comment or send me an email.