I Hate Mac Haters

Old AppleA few people I know hate Apple and they always tell me about it every time I mention anything to do with Apple. I always ask them why and I never get a satisfying answer from them. I usually get something along the lines of, “Apples suck and I can more on a PC”. At this point I usually just shake my head and walk away. You can’t reason with these people.

I am still waiting for the day when someone can tell me what you can do with a PC that you can’t do with a Mac. I know games are limited, but I’m talking about real productive work. The best thing about the Mac is that it comes with very useful programs right out of the box. When was the last time you used the software that came with your Dell? If you know of anything that a PC can do that a Mac can’t please tell me.

Another complaint I hear is, “Why do they have a one mouse button, I hate that”. Well if that bothers you can buy a two button mouse. But I find using the keyboard and mouse is faster and easier then right clicking to get a contextual menu.

I think people that hate Macs hate them because they hate change. The reasons these people hate Macs are the same reasons I could hate a PC with Linux installed on it. But I don’t hate Linux; I just understand that it’s a different way of doing things. I personally find my Mac easier to use than my PC and enjoy working on it everyday.

In closing I would just like to say, if you hate Macs ask yourself why. Is it really the fact that they supposedly can do less than a PC or do you hate them because they are popular and/or hip?

Whatever reasons you have, they are fine by me. I really don’t care what computer you use or like. It’s just if you’re going to tell people you hate something, you better back it up.