Break Out of the Nine to Five

A lot of people are going to think that I am crazy for doing this, but I am going to start working Nine to Six. This means that I will be able to take a two hour lunch in the middle of my day. Two hours of freedom from work where I can unwind and get all my blogging activity done.

I thought of this idea when I realized that I wasted the time when my brain is most active and creative being at work. I could use this time to blog and brainstorm my art projects if I wasn’t there. So I figured out that I could take a two hour lunch if I just push my leaving work time to six instead of five.

Next week I am going to start this so I will keep you posted. You never know, I might not be able to handle getting out so late, but I think the two hour creative window will be worth it. Plus, now I have no excuse not to update everyday, since I will now have two hours to do it.