The Chruch Brew Works

This is my second restaurant review so I am going to try to use the same system I used last time. These are the five things I feel are important for a good restaurant experience: atmosphere, cleanliness, staff, food, and price.


The second place I am going to review is The Church Brew Works, it’s located on Liberty Avenue. The atmosphere was amazing; it still looked like a church. The pews were gone and replaced by tables, but all the stain glass was still there. Since the place was enormous getting a table was not a problem. The place was spotless, even with it being so big you could tell they kept up with keeping it clean.

The wait staff was NOT impressive; it took a while before being asked what I would like to drink. He barely talked and it seemed like it was a bother when he did. I had to repeat my drink order more then once so his listening skills were also in need of improving. He failed to mention if there were any food specials. My food order also had to be repeated. What was really annoying was seeing that he treated the other tables with respect and was actually nice to them. I don’t know why I deserved bad service.

I was told before I went there that the food was not the great, but when I looked at the prices I felt that it should be. If I am going to pay over $20 for a dinner I expect it to be better then something I could make myself. But when the food finally did come, I was less then impressed. It tasted like something you would find in a bag in the frozen food section at Giant Eagle.

Like is said above the price for food was just a little high for what you get. Their beer was not that bad. For a micro-brew it was priced fairly, only 3.95 for a pint. I had their pale ale and it wasn’t that bad, I just thought it tasted a little watered down. Given my bad experience I think I will go back to give their Wood Fired Pizza a try.

Score: Atmosphere (4.5), Cleanness (4.0), Staff (1.5), Food (2.5),
Price (3.0), Overall (3.1)

Closing Comments: I think I just got a bad waiter this time and I hope when I go back for the Pizza, my experience is a little better.

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