Bacn Needs to be Stopped


I need to make an announcement: I do not support the new internet term “Bacn”. I was at PodCamp Pittsburgh talking about the tasty and scrumptious food bacon, so I feel partly responsible. I put the thought of bacon in everyone’s head. Then, mix that with an obsession with twitter and get bacn.

What I don’t like about the new term bacn is that it means, notifications you want, just not right now. See that’s where the problem starts for me. I want the food bacon all the time. So when I hear someone go, “Man, I got so much bacn I don’t know what to do with it”. I would be confused and reply, “Eat it”!

I want bacon all the time, so the new word confuses me. The main reason spam worked so well was because no one ever wanted it, the food or the junk email. They need to think of a new name, maybe scrapple would work.