Warnings About the Baconator

Here are some warnings that should be on the packaging of Wendy’s Baconator. If you think of your own warnings, email them to me and I will ad them to the list.

* People over the age to 65 should not eat the Baconator.
* Nursing or Pregnant women should not come in contact with the Baconator.
* After eating the Baconator if you have an erection lasting longer then 4 hours, contact your doctor.
* You may feel chest pains while consuming the Baconator.
* Chuck Norris had trouble finishing a Baconator.
* Keep away from an open flame.
* If your Baconator asks you about Sarah Conner, eat it before it gets away.
* Do not operate heavy machinery for 3 hours after consuming a Baconator.
* Driving and eating a Baconator, may cause serious injury.
* Do not use the Baconator as a projectile