Nine Things That Are Better With Bacon

We have all heard the phrase, “Everything is better with bacon”. So I decided that I would list the first nine things I can think of, that are truly better with bacon. WARNING: This list will make you hungry.

Salads – Just a mere salad by its self is barely satisfying, but ad just a few strips of bacon and you got yourself a meal!

Cheeseburgers – Biting in to a juicy burger and hearing the crisp sound of bacon, makes my mouth water.

Brownies – I know you heard of putting nuts in brownies, well just to the same with bacon! Here is a recipe.

Drinking Beer – Just ask the people that go to free bacon night at Harris Grill.

Grill Cheese – Slap some bacon in there and you have yourself a testy treat that will get the girls saying, “Hey Baby”!

Broccoli and Cheese – Just like the salad you can’t go wrong adding bacon to this.

Bake Potato – Take one potato, some cheese, sour cream, and a hand full of bacon crumbs, you will have a tasty lunch.

Scallops – You take a scallop and wrap it in bacon, I like to call it “Sea Pig”.

Mornings – I hate waking up, but if I can smell bacon its makes the morning easier. If someone could invent an alarm clock that cooks bacon, they would be millionaires.