The following is a review written by Beth aka Mrs. Baconpants. She is a prolific Yelp reviewer so I thought it would be a good idea to post some of her reviews on Mr. Baconpants. Even if a few of them have nothing to do about bacon.

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When I heard that there was good food at the Smiling Moose I have to admit my stomach turned a little. The Smiling Moose that I knew is kinda dirty. The Smiling Moose that I knew is smokey. The Smiling Moose that I knew had loud bands downstairs and staff that were way too cool to be bothered to get you a beer. The Smiling Moose was the place we’d leave in a huff to go to Dee’s (another Pittsburgh dive bar). I’m so happy to report that the Smiling Moose that I knew is gone.

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We went to watch the Pens game at the Moose last weekend. We were the only people sitting at their CLEAN NEAT dining area (seriously). The game was on a giant screen. There are less than 10 tables total, and all of them were filled by the time the game got underway. This is a GREAT bar to watch hockey! So much better than other places I’ve been on the South Side.

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The menu is an assortment of sandwiches, soups, salads and sliders. We ordered a cup of the soup of the day, a Chickpea Chili with Ostrich. It was perfectly spiced and very tasty. The soup came with a big chunk of bread and was a meal in itself. I also ordered the grilled cheese sandwich, which comes with tomato and bacon. Several different cheese blended perfectly and gave me my gooey cheese fix. The bread on this sandwich adds a lot, too – thick but soft. My husband got the BLT sliders and really loved the Pesto Mayo.

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The food at the Moose is quality, so the prices may be a bit more than you’d think. These aren’t $5 footlongs. Sandwiches are between 7-10 bucks and come with a side. All of my drinks were all 5 each (but I am a beer snob, I’m sure the PBR was cheap). All in all worth every cent. We will be back…. a lot. Especially during hockey season.

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Mr. Baconpants’ two cents: The bacon they used was a thick cut applewood smoked bacon. It was very flavorful and cooked to perfection. I usually don’t like to get BLT’s at restaurants since they usually lack the amount of bacon I expect on one. But the Moose did it right. There was a lot of bacon and the Pesto Mayo was a nice touch.

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