Last week’s show was a random show where we talked about anything and everything. Most of it was not bacon related. I blame Aaron Tucker for not being in the Chat room.

One of the more interesting conversations had been Sean’s idea for a bar called “Two Bucks”. Everything in the bar would be two bucks, no more or no less. He felt this is a great idea but I warned him about liability issues with people getting DUIs. When you can get a shot for two bucks why would you ever get a beer.

Next week should be a good show and back on topic. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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2 Responses to Bacon LIVE: A Bar Called Two Bucks

  1. Nuggybear70 says:

    Sean is a genius — and so is the bar called Two Bucks!  Check out and enjoy!  Jack & Coke, Two Bucks!  Heineken, Two Bucks!  Manweiser, Two Bucks!  Shot of Three Olives, Two Bucks!  Gourmet Sliders, Two Bucks!  Now Franchising Nationally!  LET’S BUCK!!!

  2. Zookeeper says:

    Seems to me I go to Two Bucks already. I get my drinks and beers all for just two bucks. Better luck next time on your business ventures.

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