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Most of you know by now that Denny’s paid for Sean and I to fly down to their Headquarters to try their new Baconalia menu. While we where there Sean and I got to see a place the many will never see, the Denny’s Test Kitchen.

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When we walked in they had the whole menu wheeled out on a cart for us to drool at. Sean told me that he couldn’t wait to sink he teeth in to that fired pork belly. Lucky for me Sean was on his best behavior and stayed in his seat.

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Before they would let us eat the food, they wanted to share with us how the created Baconalia menu and what market research was done to make sure it was something customers were ready for. I guess not everyone is a bacon fanatic like us. Sean and I both agree that it was interesting to see behind the curtain of what it takes to bring a new recipe from concept to your local Denny’s.

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Sean said, “I always knew it was a little more complicated than some guy standing in a kitchen throwing bacon in a pancake and then calling it a day but the amount of research and testing can leave your head spinning.”

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We could only wish it was the simple.

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While they were talking about the menu and what everyone on the product development team does they gave us some fruit. When I looked over a Sean I know what he was thinking, ” Why are we not being force fed handfuls of bacon”?

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They ensured us that fruit was just a palate cleanser and boy I was glad they had it. If it wasn’t for the fruit I think I would have eaten my arm off. We could smell the bacon cooking from the other room.

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After all the talking was over it was finally time to try the food. They started things off with a small sample of all three bacons featured in the menu, Hickory Smoked, Pepper, and Turkey. That was then followed by the rest of the menu, Bacon Flapjacks, BBBLT Sandwich, Bacon Meatloaf, and the Maple Bacon Sundae.

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Now that we have this introduction out of the way, and the discloser that we tried this food in a controlled environment. It’s time to get on with the reviews. For the remainder of the week, we will be posting up our reviews of each item. Each review will have my opinion and Sean’s. That way you will get the full Mr. Baconpants teams views in one post!

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Stay tuned for more…

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3 Responses to Denny’s Test Kitchen Experience

  1. spoon says:

    Based on what you think, I may for the first time, go to a Denny’s. I’m an Eat n Park creature of habit but if the man I trust my bacon palate to says to try it, I’ll listen :)

    That’s badass too that they flew you out to try bacon. Now if i could only get a brewery to do that for me :)

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    I was the same way. I even told them that this menu has brought me back to Denny’s. When you go I would get the BBBLT or the Pancakes then finish it off with Maple Bacon Sundae.

    We will have reviews coming soon and a few contests for gift cards .

  3. [...] now it was time for the bacon and to kick things off at the Denny’s test kitchen we were given a small sampler of the three bacons on the Baconalia menu, Hickory Smoked, Pepper, [...]

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