On last night’s show Sean and I tried Bacon Beer. Now this was not your standard bacon inspired beer, it had real bacon right in the beer. This was the first drinkable beer like this I have ever tried. I will be writing a full review about this soon, along with how the creator made it. Watch the show to get our first impressions.

Also covered on the show was all the food I had at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. Again I will be writing a post about this but I wanted to share what I ate with Sean and see what he thought. The food was so impressive that Sean said he is planning to go next year.

Other topics you will not want to miss on this show are, Sean’s review of a new Arby’s sandwich and non-bacon bacon related news. See you guys next week!

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2 Responses to Bacon LIVE: Bacon Beer Review & Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

  1. Doug says:

    Best show ever.

  2. [...] is a guest post of Jim, the man who made the Bacon Beer we reviewed on Bacon LIVE. Jim is a former Executive Chef and restaurant manager who works now at the College of St. Rose in [...]

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